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Malaysia exports to China [ Air & Ocean Shipping]

Direct mail channel

As the new customs port is currently feedback, the customs have adjusted. The two-week customs clearance will be affected. It is expected that the customs clearance will be delayed to 1-2 weeks.

From 19/06/2019 to July, the time limit will be slightly slower, and it is expected that normal aging will resume in August.

If you want to post it, it is recommended to contact customer service in advance.

Tax package channel

Because the customs has found contraband before, every package must be strictly checked and reviewed.

At present, the customs will strictly check the customs clearance will be very slow (it is estimated that the customs clearance time is at least 3-4 months), so we are temporarily stopping the delivery and delivery.

Ocean Shipping

Completely stopped, shipping will no longer be received.

Please understand that the inconvenience caused to you. Thank you!