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Urgent Notice: Increment Rates of Air Freight

Dear valued customer,



Thank you for support TO1 EXPRESS. 

Due to the impact of Covid-19, it affected the cargo capacity has been decreased and airline decide to cut off the flights. 

As per informed by Airline, the rate of air freight will do adjustment time by time. As a result, our company do not have choice and would like to do an URGENT Announcement for price adjustment. 

Immediate start from 12th August, 2021, following is the price adjustment for Air Shipment method:


Method 1: Packing at China Warehouse(白云仓)

Normal Goods: First 1kg: RM29.00, Continue: RM22.00/kg

Sensitive Goods: First 1kg: RM31.00, Continue: RM24.00/kg


Method 2: Direct Air Shipping (Regardless of Normal or Sensitive)

Self Collection: Remain same price (RM10.50/0.5kg)

Door Step Deliver: First 1kg: RM26, Continue: RM10.80/0.5kg

The Air freight rates is fluctuating according to the recovery of international flights. We'll keep update once we have the latest price. 


We wish you understand for this situation.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.



Thank you.