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Notice: Unstable Shipping Schedule

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for support TO1 EXPRESS. 

Recently,  the epidemic of Covid-19 was keep repeating, it affected the schedule of Sea & Air Shipment  are unstable and caused the shipment delay. Due to:

1. The transportation company is facing the shortage of capacity. Mostly they were cancel and reschedule the flights/sea shipment.

2. The Typhoon season which is start from end of August to mid-November. It will caused the shipment at the coast of China cannot depart immediately from the port.

3. China will has a lot of Practice along the coast. It may take more times to release the shipment. 

Further, Custom of Malaysia is frequently and randomly choose container to inspect for smuggling tobacco and alcohol. Unfortunately, TWO units of our company's container had been selected for checking. Custom will release the container soon once they finished checking.

We highly appreciate your patience and understanding on above situation.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you.