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Malaysia to China 【Direct Mail (Regular Channel)】

Malaysia to China [Direct Mail (Regular Channel)]

The volume and weight of the package sent to China [direct mail (regular channel)]
will be calculated as [height * width * length / 5000] starting today (24/4/2020).
Please pay attention to the package size   

Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding and support! 

 Sincerely, To1 Express

马来西亚发往中国【直邮 (正规渠道)】

发往中国【直邮 (正规渠道)】的包裹体积重量今天 (24/4/2020) 开始将以【高*宽*长/5000】计算,请顾客注意好包裹打包的尺寸。


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