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Announcement: Rate Adjustment - Sea Shipment

Dear Valued customers,


Recently,  Custom of Malaysia is going on operations, mainly to crack down on smuggling tobacco and alcohol; and checking on the minimum standard tax of containers declaration. According to the news, this operation will be continued until the end of September 2021. The customs will randomly check the containers, which may caused most of the shipment delay reach our hub. Here, your patient is much appreciated.

The cost of Custom declaration has been increased is due to the strict inspection of  customs department. Therefore, there will be an adjustment on the shipping fee:

For those containers that reached port after 27th August,2021 and the Delivery Order that submitted start from September, the price will increase to 15%.

The adjustment rate will not directly shown on our website. However this 15% charges will be added on【Additional Services】in our system once our warehouse has complete for parcel packing.

For your information, the increment of the Sea shipping fee is based on market floating rate. We’ll keep you update once we have latest news.

Customers are requested to submit Delivery Order in system for all parcel in 【Arrived 】status before 1st of September 2021. You may enjoy the original shipping fees if the Delivery Order status in system shows 【Wait To Weight】. Otherwise, all Delivery Orders  which submitted on September,  will be calculated based on the new rate.

With the review of the adjustment for sea freight rate,  we’ll keep the promise to provide the best sea and air freight service to the customers.

Thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience caused.