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Announcement: China to Malaysia Direct Ocean Small Packet 24H locker Self Collect

Dear valued customer,

Exciting news from TO1 EXPRESS! Our sea freight direct parcel (kg) 24-hour self-collection locker service has just become even more affordable!

To show our gratitude for your continued support and trust, we have decided to adjust our pricing policy, ensuring you benefit from more cost-effective services. Starting from April 1, 2024, you can now enjoy our sea freight direct parcel service for only RM3/kg and still experience the convenience of our 24-hour self-collection lockers.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: When making purchases from China, provide the address of our sea freight direct/air freight direct warehouse in China. Step 2: When submitting your shipment, choose "I want to use self-collection point." Step 3: Select the XXXLocker, and submit your shipment. Step 4: Wait for your shipment to be weighed, and the system will process the payment. Step 5: Once the shipment tracking shows "Delivered + Locker No," proceed to the self-collection locker to pick up your items.

Self-collection locker steps:

1.Press the "Retrieve" button. 2.Enter the locker number. 3.Enter the password (last 6 digits of the recipient's contact number). 4.Retrieve your items.

Locker sizes:

KPG HUB [Height * Width * Length / cm] ▪️Small: *29*26*43 ▪️Medium: 31*29*43 ▪️Large: 40*29*43 ▪️Extra Large: 54*29*43

SA HUB [Height * Width * Length / cm] ▪️Small: 26*29*43 ▪️Medium: 32*29*43 ▪️Large: 40*29*43

BTW HUB [Height * Width * Length / cm] ▪️Small: 84*30*43 ▪️Big: 30*27*43

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team. Once again, thank you for choosing our services.