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Announcement: China Baiyun Warehouse Direct Shipping Mode

Please be informed that in order to optimize warehouse operations, China Baiyun Warehouse's bulk channel will switch to a direct shipping mode.
Goods exceeding 0.3m3 in volume will be directly loaded into containers for shipment on the same day without staying in China.
Once the shipping order is submitted into the system, the container will undergo customs clearance and be directly delivered to the designated address.

Details of the change are as follows:

1.Goods exceeding 0.3m3 in volume will be processed for direct shipping on the same day of arrival.

2.Upon submission of the shipping order into the system, customer service will confirm the delivery address.

Recipient (Customer Code): Wu Xiaoling T/XXXX

Province: Guangdong Province City: Guangzhou District: Baiyun District

Postal Code: 510540 Town: Dayuan Street

Address: No. 55 Dayuan South Road T/XXXX

Phone: +8613924308313

P/S: Goods below 0.5m3 in volume will be normally stored in the warehouse.
Once all goods are ready for shipment, please submit the shipping order accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team.