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Air Freight to Malaysia [Direct Mail (Regular Channel) & Tax Package Channel] Qingming Holiday Notice

Dear Customer:

Due to Qingming Holidays in China, the time between Malaysia and China has been adjusted.

26.3.2020 is the last shipping date, and normal shipping will resume after 7.4.2020.

As the epidemic situation continues, any changes will be notified separately [Government delay until April 14, 2020]

During this period, the Malaysian branches will receive the goods as usual.

To deliver, you need to notify the customer service of each branch. Thank you.

Remarks: Malaysia to China (direct mail regular channel) will increase RM2 per kg from April 1 (sensitive and general cargo direct mail channels will all increase RM2 / KG)]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sincerely, TO1EXPRESS